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Kokopelli, the legendary Hopi Indian Kachina, lends his spirit to our sign!

Who are we?

That’s an awfully good question!

We have been called many things by our customers and local publications: “The Crystal Shop”, “Zen Oasis” (Thanks, Detroit Free Press!), “The Incense Place”, and “The Hippie Store”, to name a few.  The Yellow Pages lists us under “Metaphysical Products”, and the Metro Times called us as a “New Age Emporium”.  Though any of those things might be true of Earth lore, none reveal the whole truth behind the creation of our business, and the mission we strive daily to achieve.

What is “Earth Lore”?
“Earth Lore” was not an arbitrarily chosen name for our store. It is, in fact, the essence of our business mission. Earth: we sell goods from across the globe; literally from the earth as in the case of our vast crystal and mineral selection, and figuratively from the earth as in our eclectic stock of cultural items, religious tools, and replica statuary whose origins span centuries, continents, and empires. Lore: our mission is to provide items with meaning, or “lore”, behind their creation. Lore is an Old English word referring to the meaning passed down on a subject or object via tradition or anecdote. The story behind an item may not always be obvious, as in the case of our selection of body products where one must look to the ingredients to find a vast history of metaphysical and medicinal uses. Conversely, items such as our Greek and archangel statuary have clear histories of belief and reverence. In a sense, our name encompasses our entire business.

Why Shop at Earth Lore?
Our everyday goal is to provide a soothing, positive, and inviting atmosphere for our customers. We are the place people come to take in sights, sounds, and smells that promote positive energy and relaxation. We are a place where people of all faiths, ethnicities, and philosophies are welcome to shop, learn, and be at peace. We are a place where every item is stocked with intention and care, and every gift purchased (for yourself or another) has meaning.

Serving the Metro Detroit community faithfully since May 1997, we have a great deal of experience sharing the essence of our mission with our ever-growing clientele.  It is every employee’s duty to provide the best, most knowledgeable service without “pushing” sales, and we treat each customer with equal respect and attention regardless of how much or little they have to spend.  We do not work on commission.

We are well-aware that lots of our customers come to Earth Lore seeking tools for healing, spiritual growth, and ritual purposes.  We understand the vulnerable, often precarious place one inhabits during times of mourning, physical healing, or personal struggle. At Earth Lore we are always conscious of this and therefore never seek to exploit, take advantage of, or capitalize on the needs of our customers under the guise of service or expertise.

We hope this gives you a little more insight into the ideas and values on which our business is built. Earth Lore is not just a retail store or a new age gift shop – we are an experience. We are people in the business of spreading positive vibes and cultural awareness while selling quality, meaningful merchandise to our patrons.

As always, thank you for your continued support!
The Earth Lore Staff

PS. If you have employment or inventory questions, please call us at (734)354-1877.

18 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I like your new Earth Lore Newsletter Site, I can scan what i like and go on from
    there. Please keep making spiritual word a going for all of us out here.
    Thanks B~~

  2. Mother Earth Stone Castle in Dundee would be even closer to Toledo… but it’s a pretty small shop and concentrates mostly on crystals and stones as the name suggests.

  3. Hello my Earthlore brothers and sisters <3
    I am currently writing a fantasy novel involving a young man who discovers that everything is not as it seems in this modern world. I was going to set the beginning in Plymouth and I was wondering if I could use your shop's name and such in the book. Obviously Leo will make an apperence. Please Message me with an answer. Thank You and Blessed Be )0(

    1. We don’t see any obvious problem with that – if you’re planning on publishing, though, I recommend calling the shop, making a brief appointment with the owner and signing a simple release form.

  4. I was wondering If you guys had another website where you sold all of your products, because I was recently in Plymouth visiting family, and I bought a Raven Moon perfume oil. I Loved it very much up until the point where I spilled it all over myself :(. Clumsy me! I live kinda far, so that’s why I am hoping that I would be able to order things from Earth Lore because even though I have only been there once, I love it!

    1. Thanks, Bella! Our stock is very fluid and changes too quickly to update a website, so right now we only have our Plymouth shop. If we come up with an online ordering scheme, it will certainly be here at earthlore.com

  5. I was there this weekend and absolutely loved the store. So many things. The staff was extremely helpful and polite. I have leukemia and was looking for some healing stones. I want to go back and check out the teas and incense. I just ran out of energy.

  6. Nice to see this store close to home. Being that you are so close to home, I wish you could do meditation classes at your store and a few other spiritual evening classes. I know it would generate business in your store and I would definately come.

    1. Thanks, Janice. Earth Lore doesn’t offer classes or services because we see those as things better handled by other members of the community. Besides, we already fret about where the items we keep acquiring are going to fit in! We wouldn’t have the room to host classes or readings even if we wanted them.

  7. My mother recently purchased a rose quartz necklace from Earth Lore and I’m absolutely in love with it. I find whenever I’m feeling anxious I hold the stone in my hand and it instantly starts to soothe and calm me. Today was my first time in the store and I was amazed at the vast selection of crystals, stones, incense and other beautiful collectibles. The staff is VERY knowledgable and offered valuable information about the products and even gave me suggestions on what stones would be a good fit for me. Earth Lore has absolutely become my favorite store and I will definitely be visiting frequently! Thanks so much for having such a beautiful store with high quality products (for great prices!) that has such a great vibe!! And I would love to see one day a possibility of Earth Lore having an online catalog that people could order products from! I advise any one looking for positive energy to check out Earth Lore!

  8. They don’t come any better than this, most amazing shop I have ever been in. I am in Virginia,and went on vacation! How I wish I could order online!

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