Natural Body Powders

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Body powders have been used for ages to smooth and perfume the skin. Use of herbs in conjunction with absorbent powders help to remove odors by not allowing the formation of bacteria. Body odor is impacted by many outside influences including stress, tension, diet, and even wardrobe.   Meat, in addition to the processed “improved”, […]

Chai: A Taste of India

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Chai tea, or “Masala Chai” as it is often called in Hindi, is a timeless beverage from the Indian Subcontinent. Since antiquity, this rich & seductive drink has been enjoyed for its delicious taste and healing properties. Perhaps you have enjoyed a Chai Latte from Starbucks, or an iced Chai drink from Oregon Chai…but what is Chai?

A Mid-Summer Night’s Rite

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June 20th-23rd is the celebration of Summer Solstice, also known as Litha.  The Summer Solstice marks the longest day and shortest night of the year.  The night of Summer Solstice has long been revered as a time of magic and manifestation, when the sun is at the height of its power in the shadow of […]

Salts of the Earth

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Chloride and Sodium ions are necessary for the survival of all known living creatures as it regulates fluid balance in the body. Evidence dating back to 6000 BC illustrates neolithic people using salt as sacred offerings, trade, cosmetology, and food preservation. This month we explore the different kinds of salt any their uses…

Burning Resin and Herbs

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Most people are used to burning what is now considered normal incense. You simply light the end of a pre-rolled scented stick or cone, set it in a burner and voila! However, before people burned incense that was pre-made, they burned herbs and resins and hot coals or rocks. It may seem surprisingly simple once you’ve learned how but many of our customers still are unsure of how to burn resin and herbs as incense. This easy tutorial will get you on the fast track to aromatic nirvana in no time!

An Evening of Acne Clearing

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Skin is sometimes called the third lung, as it is our largest organ of elimination and assimilation. Acne is not only embarrassing, it is a sign that internally something is not right. Many factors come into the picture when we see our skin erupt, from diet, to stress, to hormones. Although the problem area is usually the face, the chest and back are also prone to breakouts, especially this transitional time of year. Besides good nutrition, rest, and exercise there are other rituals to bring beauty into your life. Excess oil on the face is a major cause of irritation. Sometimes an evening of working on yourself is in order to clear up problems which may be manifesting themselves in the form of acne. Making your own remedies guarantees synthetics, preservatives, fragrances, and coloring agents will not be present to spoil the results as they often make problems worse.