Discover Your Animal Totems

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There is much that can be learned from our companions in the animal kingdom. Every animal has strengths and weaknesses, talents and habits that help us to learn more about ourselves by studying their example. You’ll be happy to know that just as every person has a multitude of personality traits, they also have many animal totems. There are those animals that stay with us for just a short time, while we overcome an obstacle in our lives. There are also who will walk (fly, crawl or swim) with us through life. How do you know which animals are calling to you? This article is just a short description on how to discover some of your totems…

Saints: Healers and Helpers

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The healing power of saints has existed for two millennia and is still a time honored tradition today. Saints are not worshiped but rather are looked at as those who can interceded on our behalf because of their own faithfulness. In the same way one might ask a friend or relative to pray or light a candle for them, many people of all religious backgrounds turn to saints and angels for help and divine guidance…

The Sound of Peace

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In Sanskrit calligraphy, the mystic symbol Om is the symbolic representation of Brahman (the Hindu creator of the Universe). It is described in the Upanishads (one of the most sacred of Hindu texts) as the sound that creates and sustains the cosmos. It is said that the entire Universe (past, present, and future) is encompassed by its utterance.