Bismuth – Stone of Connection

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There are all sorts of things out there meant to alleviate these kinds of feelings – everything from prescriptions and herbal remedies to simply getting out more. In the crystal and mineral spectrum, however, bismuth is the crystal of choice in these situations. It is known to alleviate feelings of loneliness or disconnectedness, and helps one to feel more in touch with the present moment and the rest of humanity.

This month, I’d like to offer a simple practice with Bismuth to help with the wintertime isolation blues.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

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Healthy boundaries are vital to the success of all relationships. From business partners to best friends, parents to romantic partners, healthy boundaries are needed to establish a border between where you end and another person begins. Boundaries are used to establish limits that protect your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When boundaries are too fluid […]

Discover Your Animal Totems

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There is much that can be learned from our companions in the animal kingdom. Every animal has strengths and weaknesses, talents and habits that help us to learn more about ourselves by studying their example. You’ll be happy to know that just as every person has a multitude of personality traits, they also have many animal totems. There are those animals that stay with us for just a short time, while we overcome an obstacle in our lives. There are also who will walk (fly, crawl or swim) with us through life. How do you know which animals are calling to you? This article is just a short description on how to discover some of your totems…

Snowflake Obsidian: The Warrior Stone

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Are you a Paranormal Investigator, or a parent with young children to protect? Do you have a competitive profession, or feel as though negativity has taken over your workplace or home? At some point in our lives we will be faced with adversity, negativity, or evil of some form. In any case, be sure you are prepared with the right protection talisman. My number one suggestion is Snowflake Obsidian…

Prasiolite – Light the Fuse!

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This is a stone of prosperity, though not in the sense of winning money or coming upon it unexpectedly. Prasiolite’s energy is geared strongly toward what really brings us success – wise decision-making, attraction of people and situations that further your goals, and strength to begin new ventures. If you’re more inclined to work for what you want than to wait or gamble for it, prasiolite’s energy could be for you!