Quan Yin, Ascended Master

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In China, Quan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy, the embodiment of compassionate, loving kindness, “She who harkens to the cries of the world.” She carries the same connotations as our Mother Mary, Isis, Shakti, Paravati, Radha or Sita. She is perhaps one of the most common “eastern icons” to be found on the market (besides Buddha, of course).

Spring Cleaning

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With spring at our doorstep now, I believe we’re being called to take outrageous action: to do a complete overhaul of our old emotions, habits, grudges, guilt, regrets, and ways of being that don’t work for us anymore. What do you want to clean out of your space to begin anew this season? Are you hanging on to too many old pictures and memories of a past that no longer serves you? Do you have a looong list of people you haven’t forgiven for past transgressions? Do you have debts to pay off, guilt to discard, junk drawers (or rooms) that are calling to be cleaned?

Mars and the Month of March

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While compiling the astrological information for this issue, I came across something I found noteworthy: there are two eclipses in March this year.  A total penumbral lunar eclipse will occur on the 14th, and a total solar eclipse will happen on the 29th (though Michigan locals won’t be able to see it). Now, I don’t […]

Dancing Into the New Year

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For many of us the holidays are a time of family and fellowship, giving, feasting, and merriment. However, for some, the holidays are a reminder of wounded friendships, family disagreements, and mental and emotional exhaustion. Personally, in past years, I’ve fallen somewhere in the middle! Wherever you are this season, I am here to tell […]

Dream Pillows: How-To

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Dream pillows, so easy to make and fairly cheap. For those of you who have never used a dream pillow before, they are little pillows filled with herbs that usually will aid you in sleeping. If you want to make it really easy on yourself, Earth Lore carries dream pillows that are already made. The dream pillow that we’re going to construct will be slightly different…